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Woodland Manor Smyrna, DE
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~ Neighborhood Update ~
**HOA ASSESSMENTS**:  Please be aware that there was a billing error on Kent County's statement and the HOA assessment has NOT increased.  Kent County will be reissuing a corrected statement in February for a total for $200, not $213.  Residents that have made the payment of $213 will be receiving a refund for the over paid amount.  
2015 HOA Board Budget Vote Result: The ballots for the budget were tallied at the January 22nd meeting and the results out of 20 ballots submitted were 17 in favor and 3 opposed, with the 2015 budget passing.  20 ballots were also received for the installation of sheds, however over 70% of residents need to vote in order enact changes to the Woodland Manor Declaration. Due to this, the shed vote has been tabled at this time (results were 15 in favor and 5 opposed).  
Pet Waste Clean Up Stations Installed:  The Board of Directors recently approved the purchase of seven (7) pet waste clean up stations to help alleviate the amount of pet waste throughout our neighborhood.
These Pet Waste Stations were installed the weekend of November 6th.  Please use the bags in these stations to clean up after your pet; please remember to dispose of your used bag appropriately.
Radar Enabled Mobile Speed Detection Unit:  After attending the Town of Smyrna Safety Committee meeting, Smyrna Police installed a radar enabled mobile speed detection unit on Alexandria Way.  All homeowners are encouraged to report unsafe driving to the Smyrna Police.  Please be sure to take note of the vehicle Make, Model, Color and License plate as well as the location of the event and the direction the vehicle was heading.  Callers may remain anonymous.  Non-Emergency calls should be directed to 653-9217.
2015 Annual Assessment Billing:  The Board of Directors approved the use of Kent County Homeowners Association Billing Program.  This program is designed to manage the billing and processing of payments for homeowners associations throughout Kent County.  As part of this program Kent County HOA Billing Program will not include any balances that came due prior to January 2015.  Homeowners with an outstanding balance must pay it in full by December 4th 2014 to avoid additional collections fees and advance collections.  
Check out THIS MAP to see the areas of grass the Association is responsible for cutting, the location of Pet Waste Stations and the Location of the ToS PD's speed detection unit.
Please email boardofdirectors@woodlandmanor.org if you have questions, comments or concerns on any of these updates.

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